About us

About us

Al-Falah Braintree Islamic Centre started in 1978 providing Friday Jummah facilities for the few Muslim families living and working in Braintree. The first Jummah was held above Curry Place Tandoori on Fairfield Road and led by Raja Shaib (Chelmsford). 

The community grew and by 1986 Jummah had to be held in the Braintree District Council Halls on Victoria Street to accommodate the ever growing numbers of Muslims. 

Daily prayers were being held at Curry Place with weekend Madrasa classes were also being held.

Numerous Imaams came and went. During periods of Imaam stability the above services were conducted, unfortunately during other times only Jummah was maintained.  This state of affairs continued until a permanent home for the mosque was found.

In the year 2000 thanks to the elders eternal desire to establish a permanent Mosque in Braintree and the close links they maintained with the former Labour Member of Parliament for Braintree, Alan  Hurst, the derelict Royal British Legion building was leased to Al-Falah BIC.

The community gathered and a fantastic effort was maintained to install a floor in the old Bar area, painting through the interior, repairs to the toilets and installation of a wadu area.

Imaams came and went some stayed a few years others a shoryer period, with all the above services being provided during periods of stability.  However things improved with both Jummah and the daily five prayers during periods of instability.

It was not until the current Imaam arrived (Son of Chelmsford Mosque) that things started to fully establish itself with a full suite of Mosque services being provided.

In addition to the Mosque door being open 24/7 (Accessed through a number lock), Jummah and the five daily prayers it also provides:

Weekend Madrasa following the Safar Academy Curriculum (www.safaracademy.org) with annual examinations

  • Marriage Registry
  • Janaza services
  • Tarawih

Weekly Sister’s gathering with separate Ladies toilet facilities and separate prayer facilities (Excludes Friday Jummah)

And also holds and participates in community Fun-days and Open days for people of other Beliefs as well as holding and visiting Schools.

The Muslim community that Al-Falah BIC serves is truly multicultural as the congregation consists of families from: The Indian Sub-Continent, European and Asian Anatolia , Eastern Europe,  North Africa,  Sub-Saharan Africa, Arabia and a few from England.

It also spans all ages and professions: You will find on a regular basis the old as well as the very young and those of adolescence, as well as White, Blue and Casual workers.